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Love 愛 and Sacrifice 犠牲

With this piece, I would like to celebrate Valentine, because love isn't just cute gifts or warm hugs, love is also about to give all of you and to sacrifice for your other half, love is to feel and understand each other with no eyes contact, just with the souls... What is love in your opinion guys?

This is what Makoto Shishio and Komagata Yumi love is; she decided to sacrifice herself to help her lover, he understood and accepted her will, he killed her just to stab Kenshin...

Worked on the manga panel and the anime screenshot, not easy to rework such a scene, but I'm happy with the result ^^

So I wish a HAPPY VALENTINE to everyone, if you're a lover, single or even a third wheel, enjoy and cherish your life, and don't sacrifice it until you know it's for the one and only that deserves it, someone who is not like Shishio...

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